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  • DACA Clinic Information from Superintendent Kellner (English) DACA letter
  • DACA Letter from Superintendent Kellner (English) DACA letter
  • DACA Letter Documentation (English) Documentation
  • DACA Letter from Superintendent Kellner (Spanish) DACA letter
  • DACA Letter Documentation (Spanish) Documentation
  • If you were eligible for free or reduced priced meals in the 2016-17 school year, your temporary eligibility this school year will expire next week Tuesday 9/26. You will be charged full price for meals, $2.00 for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch if a new meal application is not submitted and approved by Monday 9/25.
    Applications are always available at the snack bar, in the main office, or can be completed online.
  • The West Sonoma County Union High School District was honored as one of California’s Top 100 Districts and the highest ranked on the North Coast.  Please see the link:  WSCUHSD Ranking 
  • Check out what’s happening at the SRJC:      SRJC VIEWBOOK
  • Laguna 2017 graduates – download photos –

Laguna recognizes the need for all students to achieve academic
standards that create post-high school opportunities.

Courses at Laguna High School are aimed at addressing the academic standards and the expected school-wide learning results. Students participate in a meaning-centered curriculum that encourages them to think conceptually, solve problems and communicate their ideas effectively.

The curriculum emphasizes connecting new learning to prior knowledge, constructing new knowledge, and applying learning in real-life contexts. Students can choose sequences in the curriculum that lead to a basic, general education. Learning is both textbook-oriented and project-based. Laguna consistently challenges students to raise their academic expectations and achieve the Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs).

Although we are a small staff, electives are available for students who want to explore applications of academics to real-world learning, gain field experiences, or pursue some subjects in depth.

“The staff and students I've met here have made it feel like they are family. Great times Laguna!”

- Kiyara W., Student

“One of the biggest reasons as to why I come to school every morning is because I know I'm getting somewhere. The teachers don't give up on me.”

- Sky S., Student

“I like it at Laguna because it's a fun, safe, environment with great people and really cool teachers.”

- Jordan R., Student